1.We are building the 1stWorld Hemp City in Thailand to create a new paradise for the concept of healthy hemp living.

2.Our villas will be built for everyone to enjoy the best medical cannabis in Asia.

3.This Hemp City will come with many unique ideas. This includes the 1st destination honeymoon resort and a luxurious modern cannabis café to enjoy your weed coffee in front of the green cannabis fields.

4.We plan to build 300 hemp villas to meet the needs of the world. As we will raise funds for the first 10 units offered to our shareholders. Shareholders will enjoy profit-sharing from the timeshare ownership concept for the 300 hemp villa, which includes a wide range of cannabis-infused products.

5.We should be proud that we are the first group of investors in the world to see this potential. And it will lead to the creation of more villas in Asia for market demand.

6.We believe this project will not just be a dream. Rather, it will be built with a group of opportunists gathered to make history