Cannabis clinics set to mushroom

Since Thailand launched its first cannabis clinic in August 2019, the Public Health Ministry has opened over 500 more nationwide.

They can be found in public hospitals in every province including 60% of public hospitals in 878 districts and several tambon or subdistrict healthcare centres. The facilities are overseen by the Ministry's Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine.

"More than 40,000 patients have used cannabis to treat their respective illnesses. So far the results have been quite impressive," Dr Kwanchai Wisitthanon, the department's deputy director-general, told the Bangkok Post.

These clinics offer patients two types of medical cannabis: oil extracted from the seeds, and traditional cannabis remedies that use various parts of the plant including the leaves, roots or flowers.

Department records show that the health condition of 74% of patients improves after such treatment.

"Our plan is to open more cannabis clinics to cover most of the tambons across the nation," Dr Kwanchai said.

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