SET to launch digital asset exchange

After TDX's basic infrastructure is stable, the next step will include providing trading, clearing and internal wallet services that are expected to be more secure than their external counterparts, he said.

The exchange will focus on investment tokens and utility tokens, which Mr Pakorn terms "real" fundraising instruments, not cryptocurrencies, which some people see as merely speculative assets.

Investment tokens are backed by underlying assets so their prices are subject to the values of real assets, not mere supply and demand in the market like cryptocurrencies, he said.

The tokens act like a digital counterpart of private equity or venture capital, and the advantage of the SET is it can serve as a seamless bridge between the traditional and digital markets, said Mr Pakorn.

He said even though digital assets are gaining traction as alternative assets and funding instruments, traditional assets like equities will remain the main fundraising instruments because their strengths lie in trustworthy regulators and exchanges, and major companies with good fundamentals.

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